Your daily dose of alphabet soup.™

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Quick, spell a word before it’s too late!

In this fast-paced game of skill and speed, you’re racing against the clock to grab letters as they fall and arrange them into real words. Spell a word correctly and it disappears, making room for more letters. But if you let the tiles stack up to the top, you lose.

Use the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen to position each falling letter where you want it to land. One by one, arrange letters into vertical or horizontal rows to spell words. Every time you spell a word right, it vanishes, giving you space to create more words.

Need extra help? Just access a special Power Tile to clear sections of the playing field … or even the entire field. Looking for just the right letter to complete a level? Choose the Blank Tile, and it becomes any letter you want. Every time you complete a level, you are rewarded with a Special Tile. During a game, simply tap the playing area to access the Special Tile Menu any time.

With over 400 levels of fun, Lextile provides you with a new challenge at every level and the opportunity to keep moving up to higher levels!

Keep track of your progress between all of your devices by logging into Facebook, where you can also see how your friends are doing with Lextile. Use Facebook to share your Lextile wins and challenge your friends, too!

Available for Android from the Google Play Store Download Now!  

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